I have been very interested in plant-based nutrition for nearly a decade and I have read from a wide range of authors like Colin T. Campbell, Valter Longo, David Katz, Brenda Davis, Will Bulsiewicz, Dean Ornish, Dean & Ayesha Sherzai and many others. In my sincere opinion Shireen & Zahra Kassan’s “Eating Plant-Based” compares -more than favourably- with the best work of the authors I just listed. It is extremely clearly written and exceptionally referenced using hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles (not blog entries, popular literature or web page links as commonly found in many lower quality nutrition literature). I particularly liked the “Question & Answer” format of the book making it an exceptional reference tool for anyone with questions on virtually any topic related to plant based nutrition. It was also certainly one of the most unbiased books on plant-based nutrition I have had the pleasure to read. The authors clearly attempted to use the -best- available scientific literature (Meta-analyses, RCTs and large cohort studies) to support all of their answers and always attempted to help the reader interpret less clear or more surprising results.

Highly recommend this one to anyone either already 100% plant-based or simply plant-curious. You are sure to learn a lot from this pearl of a book!

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