This was certainly the best book on nutrition with a focus on plant-based nutrition that I read in 2021. Simon Hill, who holds a masters in nutrition, writes extremely clearly and is obviously very knowledgeable of nutrition in general. Importantly he attempted to be as unbiased as possible and to use higher quality (meta-analyses, RCTs, cohort studies..) studies to support his writing whenever possible. He also made a clear effort not to cherrypick studies which I certainly appreciated. Moreover the illustrations/diagrams included in the book work like a gem in supporting the written text.

I particularly enjoyed the section of the book on the impact of what he eat on planetary health. We have extremely strong evidence that the food that is healthiest for humans is also healthiest for our planet. Unfortunately many, especially those in positions of power, still refuse to accept this undeniable fact.

To sum it up Simon Hill, who hosts one of the best podcasts available on most topics related to state-of-the-art scientific research, clearly knows what he is talking about throughout this exceptional book I wish as many people as possible would read.

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