It is your first small step towards vibrant health! In this free initial consultation you will have the opportunity to talk about your life, and to put forth the goals you’d like to reach for your health. See it as an opportunity to be heard in a judgment-free manner and to get a sense of what it feels like to have more support in your life. You’ll also learn how you can reach those goals by working with me in the context of my health coaching program. 

In order to better know where a potential client is on her/his wellness journey I would ask that a questionnaire (aka health history) be completed before we talk (not all questions need be answered). Naturally all information the potential client provides will not be shared with anyone else and will remain between the health coach and potential client. Unless the potential client is the Barcelona metropolitan area we would meet virtually through a zoom/google meet or skype call for 45-50 minutes on a day/time slot selected by the potential client through my web page’s scheduler.

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