Health coaching is a growing field, and it’s quickly increasing in popularity. With millions of people suffering from largely preventable lifestyle-related chronic diseases, (Integrative) Nutrition Health Coaches are well-placed to bring about lasting change in the lives of individuals worldwide and help spread the “ripple effect” of empowered health and wellness.Health Coaches are mentors, advocates and trainers who use a progressive judgment-free approach to help their clients. The support they provide the client with is both science- and experience-based; it’s a combination of state-of-the-art and traditional approaches geared towards each unique client. They also help to make the most of doctors visits, who for the most part, have such limited time with their patients that they cannot give more than just very general recommendations with regard to the health benefits of lifestyle and nutrition.  In addition to providing guidance and accountability for clients with their specific goals, Health Coaches also empower clients to select health-promoting behaviors that work for them. They raise awareness and offer support as clients move in their own ways toward an improved health they want for themselves. Health coaching hopefully leads to long-term behavior change, but only because Health Coaches guides clients towards doing meaningful work that forms a strong foundation.

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